It has been quite a while since I've been to the blog, but I'm back! A lot has happened with The Atlas Shrug Project over the past year. Last summer was great! I had a blast playing many venues such as 10 park lane, Kennedy's Irish pub, World of Beers, Gin Mill, Tavern on the Tracks The kilted buffalo and many more! I'm looking forward to the warm weather and all the patios are calling our names! We are itching to go meet some new friends and party with the rest of Charlotte! We have already booked shows for this spring at Kennedy's Irish Pub, Volume lounge and the kilted buffalo... Stay tuned many more to come!

Over the past few months TASP has been through many changes. Daniel Partain has graduated college and has had the oppertunity to persue his career in videography! We are very excited for him and wish him all the best! However, when one door closes another door opens!

I am proud to announce the addition of Robert Hildreth and Brandon Keller to The Atlas Shrug Project!!!! Robert is an experience drummer who has drummed with the likes of the bands MILF, I'm with Stupid, Clarke Brown Trio and Whiskey Honey. He brings a vibe to TASP that is new and energetic! Brandon Keller is an accomplished Saxophonist from Charleston, SC. Brandon brings a certain flavor and edge to TASP that we have been missing! With exciting leads and dynamics Brandon is a GREAT addition to  The Atlas Shrug Project!

I am very excited for what is to come for The Atlas Shrug Project! Please stay posted for upcoming gigs and come out and support us/party with us! Also, I will be hosting an Open Jam every Tuesday night at The Common Market Southend! It is a great way to meet new musicians, connect and get your music out there! Jam starts at 7pm and last till 11pm! Hope to see you there!!!!!

Stay tuned.............................

Song of the day: My songs know what you did in the dark (light em up) by Fallout Boy
                                I'm in an edgy mood ;)
I k now it's been a while sine my last post, but I'm gonna try to catch all up here! So it is finally summer vacation for me! School let out for the summer on June 10th! Not quite sure what I'm going to do with my time, I get bored really easily. I'll prob pick up a part time job or something all while trying to play as much music as possible:) Music is the ultimate goal for the summer! My mom, my step father, my uncle chris and his girlfriend renee all came down  to visit me this past week. Man did we have a blast! We went to Chima's Brazilian steak house. You can never go wrong with all you can eat steak and fish! We ate so much we all couldn't do anything afterwards. It was worth it though! We also hit up alive after 5, they thought it was a really cool scene. I took them up to birkdale village, the ladies love the shopping. While they were down, I had to opportunity to play a show at Kennedy's Irish Pub. Man was that a fun venue to play at! Had a great atmosphere and a pack house! Everyone seemed to enjoy their time. Hopefully I will be back there very soon. We also got to enjoy the sun a lot. Spent many hours poolside! All in all we had an excellent time and I enjoyed every minute they were down here! Hated to see them go. One last VERY important thing we did when they were down here is...... GET MY NEW GUITAR!!!! I got a Takamine TNV360SC. Man this guitar is UNREAL! It has bear claw spruce top, indian rosewood back and sides, plus the ctp-1 cool tube preamp! This thing sounds amazing plugged in as well as unplugged. Can't believe I actually own it. It's incredible!

So lets talk about our weekly Tavern on the Tracks show. We are now going to be playing Friday nights from 7-10 a bunch! It will be a great time and a great pregame for all you party animals! We will still be playing Sunday's from 1-4 on occasion. Just stay tuned to the website for when we will be there:)

I would also like to welcome Daniel Partain (Party Dan) to THE ATLAS SHRUG PROJECT! Dan is an acomplished drummer with 10+ year experience! He is a great addittion to TASP! He will be rocking out there with me for many shows to come. Make sure you stop by!

Song of the day: Runaway by Shane Walsh......... groovy tune:)
I had a really busy weekend musically! Friday night I play a really fun venue called "Lake Norman Cottage." It is a great little wine bar and brings in some very cool people. Everyone was so nice! Everyone seemed to dig the vibe I was going for and I'm hoping they will have me back (signs are good that they will!) Saturday was supposed to be my "Relaxing day," however, I ended up having some people over to the pool. After chillin at the pool for what felt like 5 hours, My buddy Daniel and I had a little practice session. Sunday I had a show at Tavern on the Track from 1-4. Man it was hot out there! Thanks to everyone who bared the heat with me. So all in all, I played around 10-11 hours of music this weekend..... MY FINGERS ARE ON FIRE!! I can't wait to concentrate more on my music this summer:) It's gonna be a great one!

Song of the day: Ice Ice baby by Vanilla Ice....... haha. I do a cool mash up of this song!
I'm selling my Breedlove Koa guitar! I love the guitar but I have an itch to get something new! I'm selling it for $1,100.00 if anyone is interested!
I just booked a solo acoustic show at Lake Norman Cottage Friday June 3rd! It is a wine bar right next to the North Harbor Club in Mooresville. It's a cool little place, and they have a wine tasting that night wit tappas. Enjoy 6 glasses of wine and food for $20 while enjoying some great tunes! Hope to see you there!




Man, I woke up today and just wanted to throw my alarm out the window! I'm exhausted and can't even tell you what from! I don't think I have been sleeping well at all. I am in such of a need for a vacation it's ridiculous. June 10th is the last day of school until the summer and it is CRAWLING by! It needs to just be here already! So enough complaining. This past weekend was pretty sweet. Ash and I found a new place to hang out called "The Common Market" It is a crazy hippster place lol. Has tons of great beer tho! Sunday the weather worked out for me so I got to play a show at Tavern on the Tracks. THANKS TO ALL THAT CAME OUT! It was a blast like always. After the show a bunch of us went back to my pool and played some cornhole..... I whooped everyone's ass:) IBS YOU WENT DOWN KID!!!! I told you I would blog about it hahaha. After that we all went to Pinky's Westside Grill. Man, that place has unreal food. I think I could eat it everyday (I'd prob have a heart attack tho). AMAZING cheeseburgers. I will try to stay up to day more with the blog, just been very busy. Hope to see everyone Sunday at Tavern on the Tracks!!!

Song of the day: Letters to you (Acoustic) by Finch...... Taking it back OLD SCHOOL!!!!
So I just checked the weather report for the rest of the week..... damn, it sux. RAIN everyday apparently! Looks like I'm gonna be straight chillin inside. WEAK!!!! It probably wont happen though, weather men are awful at their jobs. I'll have to run up to trader joe's and get a couple bottles of wine and some brewski's just in case tho. I'll be pissed if the weather on sunday doesn't work out for me. I can't wait to play at tavern again. ALSO, dont miss the show at THE WINE DIVE this friday at 9pm. Alright, changing subjects........ I've been house/condo hunting the past couple months. Haven't really found much that interests me except this one! It's a condo in NODA..... has a really cool urban loft/nyc feel. I would love to see what some of you think about it!! You can take a look at it here:

Song of the day: Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam...... SICK!





I just wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who came out to Tavern on the Tracks yesterday! I had one hell of a time! The weather turned out to be beautiful and a great time was had by all. One of the coolest parts of the day was that I got to meet a bunch of new people! I hope they will come back and catch a show again! So I got some GOOD NEWS TOO!! I just booked a show at Kennedy's on 7th street. It is going to be a happy hour set from 6:00pm to 9:30. My rents are going to be in town so I'm pumped they will be able to catch a couple shows while they're in town. Next show is this Friday at THE WINE DIVE off exit 36 in Mooresville. I also have a show this sunday at Tavern on the Tracks as always (weather permitting)..... Hope to see everyone there!!!!

Song of the day: Bent by Matt Nathanson......... classic acoustic song:)
Once again it is friday..... THANK GOD!!! I've been so exhausted lately! Haven't been sleeping well at all. I think I may take advantage of the weekend and try to catch up. I know this probably wont happen though. I'm so ready for summer vacation. June 10th is the last day of classes. I'll probably take a few weeks off then find a summer job.... I know I'll be bored all day with nothing to do. Might as well make some extra cheddar! My main goal is to get out and play more shows in more locations. Can't really beat making good money, having a blast doing it, and having a drink while doing it (usually for free)! Don't really wanna work in the service industry anymore, but I gotta do what I gotta do. If anyone has any leads about good summer jobs please let me know!

Song of the day: Before the worst by The Script...... Just learned this song.... IT'S DOPE!!!     Live acoustic version     Official music video
Sadly, spring break is over. Back to the everyday grind! About 6 more weeks until summer vacation though:) Then I can really focus on my music and booking shows! SO EXCITING! Over break I did a live acoustic recording of DJ got us fallin in love again by usher! Came out pretty decent.... GIVE IT A LISTEN! You can find it on the home page of this site, my reverbnation site, or of my facebook musician's page. I also put it on YouTube so you can fiOur next show coming up will be this Sunday at Tavern on the Track on South Tryon.... Should be a great time. Come enjoy some sun and some tunes... catch a tan and a buzz ;)

Song of the day: Cross my heart and hope to die (acoustic version) by Mariana's Trench.... Feel good catchy tune:)

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