I k now it's been a while sine my last post, but I'm gonna try to catch all up here! So it is finally summer vacation for me! School let out for the summer on June 10th! Not quite sure what I'm going to do with my time, I get bored really easily. I'll prob pick up a part time job or something all while trying to play as much music as possible:) Music is the ultimate goal for the summer! My mom, my step father, my uncle chris and his girlfriend renee all came down  to visit me this past week. Man did we have a blast! We went to Chima's Brazilian steak house. You can never go wrong with all you can eat steak and fish! We ate so much we all couldn't do anything afterwards. It was worth it though! We also hit up alive after 5, they thought it was a really cool scene. I took them up to birkdale village, the ladies love the shopping. While they were down, I had to opportunity to play a show at Kennedy's Irish Pub. Man was that a fun venue to play at! Had a great atmosphere and a pack house! Everyone seemed to enjoy their time. Hopefully I will be back there very soon. We also got to enjoy the sun a lot. Spent many hours poolside! All in all we had an excellent time and I enjoyed every minute they were down here! Hated to see them go. One last VERY important thing we did when they were down here is...... GET MY NEW GUITAR!!!! I got a Takamine TNV360SC. Man this guitar is UNREAL! It has bear claw spruce top, indian rosewood back and sides, plus the ctp-1 cool tube preamp! This thing sounds amazing plugged in as well as unplugged. Can't believe I actually own it. It's incredible!

So lets talk about our weekly Tavern on the Tracks show. We are now going to be playing Friday nights from 7-10 a bunch! It will be a great time and a great pregame for all you party animals! We will still be playing Sunday's from 1-4 on occasion. Just stay tuned to the website for when we will be there:)

I would also like to welcome Daniel Partain (Party Dan) to THE ATLAS SHRUG PROJECT! Dan is an acomplished drummer with 10+ year experience! He is a great addittion to TASP! He will be rocking out there with me for many shows to come. Make sure you stop by!

Song of the day: Runaway by Shane Walsh......... groovy tune:)

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