Last night I had a solo acoustic show at Thurstons Bar with Mikey B. I HAD A BLAST:) I played the first set. Played for about 2 hours. After I played I got to sit in on Mikey B's set playing Djembe. Man, that was killer. I don't get the opertunity to kill it on the drum much because I'm always playing guitar/singing, so I had a blast doing it!! Hope I can do it more frequently. The next show coming up is at the Gin Mill March 26th. We are also doing a charity event in May for Relay for life. We will be on the big stage jamming till we can't jam no mo!!!

Oh yea...... TGIF!!!!!!! Big St. Patty's day pub crawl with a ton of friends tomorrow:) I'M STOKED!!! CAN'T WAIT!

Song of the day: Badfish by Sublime......... one of the best bands of all time
3/13/2011 01:50:07 pm

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